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What to consider when planning an event

Planning an event can be exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time especially when you do not
have an event organizer. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not possible. Below are some of the
factors you need to take into account when planning for your big day!



It is a must to know your allotted budget for you to execute your event properly. By
knowing your budget, you will find suitable suppliers for your event’s needs. It will also allow
you to work with your event partners accordingly as you can discuss and set a realistic
expectation for the service.

Did you know? Villa Leonila offers different packages that are suitable for different price
range within your budget. Simply discuss with us your plans and budget and we will surely
do our best to give you the best deals.

Number of guests

You wouldn’t want to book a venue that can accommodate only a
hundred people when you’re planning to invite 300. Look for a venue where your guests will
be accommodated comfortably.

Did you know? Villa Leonila San Pedro can accommodate up to 300 guests with ___ to ____
parking slots, while Villa Leonila Biñan can accommodate up to 500 guests and has ample
parking space for 75-90 vehicles.

Type of event and program

May it be a classic birthday party, extravagant wedding
celebrations or a formal corporate gathering, your event’s success will depend on your crowd
and program. It is important to know your crowd and organize a program with an age-,
gender- and group-appropriate theme. You can make your own program or hire a
professional event organizer to help you come up with ideas for your special event.

Did you know? If an organized event is not your cup of tea, you can never go wrong with
free-flowing, spontaneous chill events; these events are staged without a program … just
pure fun. Villa Leonila caters to all types of events from the simplest get-togethers to high-end
celebrations, all treated equally with great service and enthusiasm.


Finding the right suppliers for your event is one of the most crucial areas of
planning. It is best to find suppliers who are trusted and known for their efficient and quality
service. Villa Leonila is known for its catering services, using only high-quality ingredients for
sumptuous, well-prepared, and budget-friendly meals that would make any event a
memorable one.

Did you know? Getting an in-house supplier is a great way to maximize your resources. Villa
Leonila offers great deals to our clients such as technician-assisted sound system and more
depending on your event.

Planning an event shouldn’t be complicated when you have these factors sorted out; eventually, the
rest will fall into place. Happy planning and we look forward to making your gathering a special event
that will always be remembered.



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